Prayer Wall

Welcome to Cross Road Assemblies prayer wall. You are welcome to share your prayers with the community here, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer with church staff only, or pray for other prayers on this page. We are all a community, nobody prays alone. Please share your prayers and prayer requests here with us.

Community Prayer

Please partner with us and those who have submitted these prayers. We never pray alone.


I pray for our entire local community that we can be comforted with confidence that He is guiding and protecting all, especially those that are "at risk" in the next few weeks as we attempt to recover and return to a social life. I pray that those in fear understand that God is in control, and that those that are involved have wisdom and compassion for those that they encounter and may affect.


Needing prayer for my broken heart. Dealing with this divorce and seeing my husband with the women he’s cheated on me with regularly because now they live in Florence, has been gut wrenching. I ask for prayer that God will just remove the blind folds the enemy has given them BOTH. May He see what he’s doing what he could loose. Also I just ask for prayers for the court hearings and all in all just for me. I feel so lost and broken. Thank you so much.... xoxox