Discipleship Initiative

Our discipleship initiative is our plan to develop ongoing teaching, training discipling, and growth. It is not enough to simply introduce people to Christ, there must be an ongoing dynamic effort to see heart hunger and spiritual maturity as well. The instruction in learning the Word, developing prayer emphasis and lifestyles, equipping the disciple with tools to reach others, learning to discern the voice of God and keeping pace with impacting our community with the message of Christ are some of the bedrock issues Initiative 2020 is geared to develop.

Discipleship Classes | Sunday mornings | 9am | In the Youth Room

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Prayer Initiative

Our initiative is not only financial in part. We will benefit individually and also as a church family from our united prayer. We are following the leading of the Holy Spirit to organize our prayer efforts together, and will see manifestations that soon come to pass as God hears and answers us.

Financial Initiative

We have limited space and have no desire to acquire additional debt. We are looking at creative means to develop worship venues to reach more in our community. We have several areas that need attention and upgrading to handle the congregation we have presently and that allows us to grow and impact Florence and the surrounding areas.

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